STUDIO Q ARCHITECTURE is a group of design professionals, equipped with diverse and balanced skill sets, working under leadership built on numerous years of experience within the context of award winning national and regional design firms. Our culture is one founded on collaboration and forged by a demanding, engaging, and iterative design process. The quality of our work and the success of both the group as a whole, and of each of us as individuals, is vastly improved when we practice less as a firm of architects but as a studio of design professionals.
"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten."
Studio Q puts collaboration at the core of our competency. We use a team approach to all of our design work to achieve unparalleled results in an open and nurturing Studio environment.
This neighborhood block redevelopment will have twelve housing units and an urban green space. The design will be modern in its architectural vocabulary, and it will be fully sustainable, achieving net zero energy usage.